We accept children's clothing, maternity clothing, children's shoes, bedding, furniture, nursery supplies, gear such as strollers, swings, walkers, car seats, etc., We strive to have the highest quality sale items for our shoppers. That means all  items must be in excellent condition with no rips,  tears, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, or stains. Please make sure your items meet these standards, because if they do not, we will return them to you when you check in.


  • Clothing sizes accepted are infant through a child's size 18. NOTE: We realize some popular teen brands are now offering children's sizes yet they are not sized by number. Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie are accepted IF you choose the size equivalent on the tag.
  • Junior clothing will be accepted if trendy and correctly sized. We do not accept misses or men's clothing.
  • Maternity clothing is limited to 18 items per consignor and all seasons are accepted at each sale.
  • Clothes with stains, tears or holes are NOT accepted.  We do not offer a "play clothes" rack. 
  • All clothing must be clean and odor free. PLEASE bring your items free of any pet hair.  Ironing is not required but extremely wrinkled clothing will not sell as fast as smooth, cared-for clothing.  
  • Only items applicable to the upcoming season will be accepted. Swimwear, shorts and sandals accepted at the Spring sale only. Fleece, coats, corduroy, sweaters, Christmas and other holiday items accepted at the Fall sale only.  Halloween costumes accepted at Fall sale only. Jeans and pants are allowed at both sales. 


ALL equipment, toys and furniture must be verified for recall by visiting www.cpsc.gov  prior to tagging.  Consignors will sign a contract stating items they are selling have not been recalled.  State and National laws have changed regarding resale of children's items and we will strictly enforce.

ALL dropside cribs have been nationally recalled and ARE NOT accepted in our sales events.

  • We accept all nursery and children's bedroom furniture in like-new or gently used condition. Any furniture items must have all required screws and assembly instructions.
  • We accept nursery and children's room decor and bedding.
  • We accept strollers, walkers, bouncy seats, highchairs, exersaucers
  • We accept diaper pails, potty chairs, bath seats, guardrails, and high chairs are accepted but MUST be clean prior to drop off
  • We accept toddler beds, bassinets, and pack n plays.  These items MUST be completely assembled by the consignor at drop off to ensure safety and to show all parts are present.  Adorable Affordable staff will NOT put these items together. You must provide a manual for these items.
  • Any higher priced item will sell faster if you have a manual attached to the item. You can find and print a manual for any item by visiting www.manualsonline.com
  • Handcrafted items such as blankets, tutus, embellished clothing etc. are limited to 5 tagged items per consignor.
  • Nursery/ feeding supplies, bottles, diaper bags, blankets, crib sheets.  Bottle nipples, sippy cup valves, pacifiers and breast pump tubing WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, please remove them prior to tagging them.
  • Toys must be in great condition with all pieces attached and working batteries.
  • Car seats must be less than 5 years old by the manufacturer's date not the date you purchased the item.
  • Stuffed Animals in excellent condition are now accepted (limit 5 per consignor) .

Please see this Recall List to make sure a car-seat has not been recalled BEFORE bringing it to check in.

Spring 2024
March 13-16, 2024

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