The system to enter your items is very user friendly. However, if you have questions, please e-mail us by clicking on the 'contact us' icon in the left menu.

Unsold items from previous sales are now in an "inactive" folder.  You can choose any item that can be sold and make it "active" for the current sale.  Only choose seasonal items that you are bringing to the sale to be made "active".  This gives an accurate count of what is actually in the building for sale without items that are still in someone's garage.  We charge consignors extra consignor fees depending on their active items. Please go into your inactive inventory and delete items you donated or gave away to keep your account up to date.

In our system, you can start and stop entering your items as many times as you like.  When you have reached a stopping point, click "I'm finished for now" to save your work! To get back to your inventory,  you will simply log onto the inventory through the consignor links on the Adorable Affordables Web site with your consignor number and password.

PLEASE NOTE: All items must be entered into the system by 11:59 pm the Monday of sale week. After this time, you can make no changes to pricing or item tags.

*NEW INVENTORY LIMIT: There is a 300 item limit for "active" inventory. If you want to activate and tag more than 300 active items per consignor number, you will be billed a consignor fee ($17.50) for each additional 300 items tagged. You can volunteer one shift (for every 300 items over at a different time than your drop off time) and have the fee waived.

We require White cardstock paper ( found at your local Wal Mart or office supply store) to print your tags. This cuts down on lost tags, and ultimately means more money for you! If the tag is lost your item won't be sold until we reunite the tag and the item! Red or black ink is acceptable to show the discount dot found on the tag.

Tags will print 6 per page. DO NOT adjust your printer to print smaller tags, the barcode will not scan if the tag is any smaller. We reserve the right to charge a $25 fee if new tags must be printed at drop off. Pay attention when cutting tags. Do not cut off the barcode.  I recommend using a paper cutter instead of scissors.  A paper cutter is a minimal investment for the seasoned consignor and I recommend purchasing one with the slicing arm not the sliding blade.  You can purchase one in any hobby store near the scrapbook items.

When you are entering tags, make sure the clothing brand name is on the first description line and the color or type of clothing on the second line.

Minimum price for each item is $2. Please see the Preparing Your Items page for more information.

Make sure you let the ink dry on your tags before you pin them to your items.  This will help preserve the barcode.  We want to reprint as few tags as possible at check in. We reserve the right to charge a consignor $25 if the majority of the tags do not scan at checkout due to printing errors of tags.

Start entering your items by clicking the "Be A Consignor" tab on the left side of your screen.  This tab also has links for consignors to schedule a volunteer shift and a drop off appointment.


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